Shelter-In-Place Order: ILG Remains Operational But Local USCIS Offices Close

17. Mar. 2020

As a result of the continuing spread of COVID-19, Santa Clara county, where ILG is located, and 6 other surrounding counties, have issued “Shelter-in-Place” orders.  As a law firm that assists in compliance with legally mandated activities, ILG qualifies as an “essential business” and is able to continue normal operations.  Having said that, the vast majority of our staff in our San Jose and Las Vegas offices are working remotely to minimize possible transmission of the virus.

USCIS, on the other hand, has temporarily closed its San Francisco and San Jose Field Offices; its Oakland, Salinas, San Francisco, San Jose and Santa Rosa Application Support Centers; and the San Francisco Asylum Office.  USCIS will send notices with rescheduling instructions to applicants and petitioners with scheduled appointments impacted by this closure. For those with Application Support Center (ASC) appointments, USCIS will automatically reschedule you and you will receive a new appointment letter in the mail. Individuals who had InfoPass or other appointments at the field office must reschedule through the USCIS Contact Center. Individuals who need an emergency interview or other services from the closed offices should call the USCIS Contact Center. 

ILG will provide further updates as this situation develops.