Outsourced Immigration Services

Customized immigration resources for your company.



 ILG is available to take a hands-on approach to develop and maintain your organization’s customized immigration program. This includes acting as a liaison between your HR department and current or prospective employees, training HR and recruiting team members on immigration requirements and processes, as well developing formal company immigration policies that are tailored to your organization. With these services efficiently handled by our experienced immigration team, you’ll be free to focus on the things that matter most to your organization, rather than time-consuming legal tasks that drain productivity.

At ILG, we develop, execute, and manage immigration strategies that are custom-made for your organization’s specific needs. We have the ability and technology to act in collaboration with your HR team as your outsourced immigration support staff, both remotely as well as on-site.  Our hands-on immigration program services give your organization the resources it needs to ensure total legal compliance and maximize employee communication on all immigration matters.                                                                                      

A robust immigration program is essential to developing and retaining talent that gives your organization an edge over the competition, while also improving the overall employee experience. Contact us today to discuss our immigration outsourcing services, and how we can customize a program to meet your organization’s specific needs. You can reach us by using the contact form below, or by calling us at (408) 432-9200.


What exactly is an “Outsourced Immigration Service”?

With ILG’s Outsourced Immigration Service, you will have a dedicated member of our staff assigned to provide regular hands-on support for your organization’s HR team, managers, and foreign nationals, in addition to our standard immigration case management service and legal guidance. Tasks like updating HR records with immigration information, responding to requests and questions about immigration, and coordinating PERM (green card) recruitment efforts, among many others, can all be performed by ILG’s dedicated staff. Letting us handle these often complex and time-consuming activities thereby allows your organization to focus on strategic initiatives and other core functions, rather than these administrative tasks. ILG’s Outsourced Immigration Service model is completely customizable based on your organization’s needs, and includes both remote and on-site service.

If I did retain your law firm for Outsourced Services, can you provide me with examples of what this individual could do?

At ILG, we have several Immigration Case Managers (ICMs) available to perform a variety of immigration-related tasks depending on the needs of your organization. Our ICMs typically serve as a liaison between job candidates, employees, hiring managers, and the law firm, and also act as the first point of contact for any immigration issues that require action or legal guidance. Our ICMs understand the complex immigration issues that employers and their foreign national employees face every day, and can effectively communicate solutions to all stakeholders in collaboration with ILG’s immigration attorneys.

Our ICMs also partner with ILG’s clients to communicate updates about recent immigration policy changes, provide guidance and trainings when needed, as well as monitor active and pending cases on behalf of the company. ICMs perform the day-to-day coordination with cross-functional stakeholders (e.g. HRBPs, Recruiting, Managers) required to ensure the success of your organization’s immigration program, including anticipating, escalating, and resolving issues whenever applicable. The exact responsibilities and scope of our ICMs’ services are unique and completely customizable to each client that retains ILG for these Outsourced Immigration Services.

In what locations do you provide on-site immigration support?

ILG can provide on-site immigration support services within regular commuting distance of our San Jose headquarters.  We also have remote services available for all clients, regardless of office location.

How can outsourced immigration services help my company?

With a designated Immigration Case Manager (ICM) from ILG, your organization can focus on more important strategic initiatives while we handle the administrative aspects of your immigration program. ICMs can assist with posting LCAs, maintaining Public Access Files, interfacing with employees, facilitating document signatures, reporting, and initiating cases, among a wide variety of other duties. If you struggle to stay ahead of the daily and time-consuming tasks of running a successful immigration program, as many companies do, consider the valuable bandwidth and expertise that would be instantly added to your organization through ILG’s Outsourced Immigration Service model. Having an experienced ILG team member working alongside with your team and dedicated to your immigration program’s success, you can expect an efficient and accurate process without the need to employ an internal resource to manage this important aspect of your organization.

What costs are associated with these services?

We customize the fees for our Outsourced Immigration Service based on the number of days or hours we are retained, as well as the anticipated case load based on the size of your organization’s foreign workforce. For a custom quote, please contact us by using the form below, or by calling (408) 432-9200.

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