Outsourced Immigration Services

Bring the knowledge and experience of ILG directly to your campus.

ILG takes pride in working efficiently with employers to handle complex case processing, but we recognize that some employers may prefer an even more hands-on approach for their immigration program. Organizations are increasingly looking to outsource services – particularly with the aim of achieving cost savings and maximizing productivity. At ILG, we develop, execute, and manage custom immigration strategies that address specific company dynamics and needs. We have the ability and technology to act as your outsourced immigration support staff remotely, or dispatch staff directly to your offices for on-site collaboration with your human resources staff. Through outsourcing, you will have the benefit of our standard expert service in addition to hands-on support for your immigration or HR team, allowing your staff to focus on strategic initiatives and other functions rather than administrative tasks.

ILG believes there are solutions to every corporate immigration matter and we’re committed to exhausting all avenues to ensure your company is maximizing profit potential. Contact us today to discuss our outsourcing servicesand how they can meet your specific needs.



What services does ILG provide?

ILG offers comprehensive case management services for your business directly on your campus. With a designated Immigration Case Manager, your HR team can focus on strategic initiatives while we handle the administrative aspects of your immigration program. Immigration Case Managers can assist with posting LCAs, maintaining Public Access Files, interfacing with employees, facilitating document signature, reporting, and initiating cases. Expect an efficient and accurate process with an experienced ILG team member onsite.

What costs are associated with these services?

We can customize our fees for this service based on the number of days we’re onsite per week, and the anticipated case load based on the size of your foreign workforce. For a custom quote, please contact us.

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