I-485 News: USCIS Will Finally Accept the Employment-Based “Dates for Filing” Chart of the October Visa Bulletin

21. Sep. 2016

The two-chart Visa Bulletin system introduced a year ago has not resulted in relief for employment-based I-485 applicants because USCIS negated the intended relief by making its own monthly determination as to whether it will, or will not, honor the “Dates for Filing” chart published by the Department of State.  For background, see: 

Since the two-chart system began with the October 2015 Visa Bulletin, USCIS has not accepted the “Dates for Filing” chart for new I-485 filings since November 2015. 

Earlier this month, there were credible reports that USCIS will soon follow the “Dates for Filing” chart for employment-based cases.  Today, USCIS confirmed that it will indeed accept I-485 cases in October based on the “Dates for Filing” chart of the October 2016 Visa Bulletin.

The USCIS announcement can be found at: