H-1B Cap Lottery Completed

30. Mar. 2020

USCIS has concluded the random selection (lottery) process and informed attorneys of the result by updating the attorneys’ “MyUSCIS” accounts.

For candidates who were selected, their e-registration status in MyUSCIS changed from “Submitted” to “Selected”.  If a candidates’ e-registration status remains “Submitted”, it means that individual’s registration was NOT selected (although such registrations remain eligible to be selected if initially selected cases do not result in filed/approved petitions).

For the candidates who were “selected,” ILG will be able to print a notice of “Registration Selection” from MyUSCIS and this notice will be submitted with the H-1B petition, which must then be filed between 4/01/2020 and 6/30/2020.

What’s Next:

  • By Wednesday, 4/01/2020: ILG will notify all SELECTED candidates and their employer by email. 
    • Employers who selected ILG’s “Full Case Prep” option will see their cases filed by 4/07/2020 (although delays are possible due to the COVID-19 pandemic).
    • Employers who selected ILG’s “Partial Case Prep” option will see their cases filed by 6/30/2020, unless one of the expedited service options is chosen.
  • By Friday, 4/03/2020: ILG will notify employers of the candidates who were NOT SELECTED.

Finally, due to heavy caseload during this time and our interest in notifying all clients in the most efficient manner, we are asking clients to refrain from making inquiries about e-registration selection before 04/06/2020.  Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.

Note: all H-1 cap petitions will be filed under regular processing due to: USCIS Suspends PP Service Due to COVID-19