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If hiring foreign nationals is part of your company’s growth strategy, finding the right immigration law firm is critical to your success.

Corporate immigration is complex, time-consuming, and always changing. But with the right partner, you can open up possibilities for your workforce without unnecessary strain on your organization.  At Immigration Law Group LLP (ILG), we have in-depth experience in securing work authorization for professionals in classifications such as B-1, E-1, E-2, E-3, F-1 OPT, F-1 STEM OPT, H-1B, H-1B1, H-4 EAD, J-1, L-1A, L-1B, L-2 EAD, M-1, O-1A, O-1B, O-2, P-1A, P-1B, P-2, P-3, Q, and TN, among others.

With decades of experience and a personalized approach,
we know how to make your immigration program succeed.

  • Experience That Matters

    We understand the immigration process inside and out.

    With over two decades of practice in immigration law, we have helped thousands of individuals achieve legal status. We know how to apply that knowledge to the nuances of each individual’s case to proactively solve problems so cases are processed as quickly as possible.

  • Technology That Streamlines

    But never replaces human insight or personal relationships.

    Cloud-based software houses all of your cases and provides transparency so you and your employees always know where cases are in the process. We leverage technology to its fullest, but you will always have access to an immigration specialist who is involved with your case every step of the way.

  • People That Care

    Relationships are our bread and butter.

    Immigration cases can take years -- even decades -- to resolve. Your people deserve a human point of contact throughout. At ILG, we are committed to providing fast and direct communication with attorneys for your questions and concerns. The result is a personalized program for your company and personal attention for your employees.

Cloud-based software houses all of your cases and provides transparency so you and your employees always know where cases are in the process. We leverage technology to its fullest, but you will always have access to an immigration specialist who is involved with your case every step of the way.

We customize our immigration solutions
so your organization gets exactly what it needs.

Here is the typical path for our clients.


Our attorneys can recommend additional supporting services for your business, such as immigration policy development, on-site support, or compliance auditing.


We have a streamlined file transfer process that makes transitioning from your current immigration provider seamless and stress free for you, and most importantly your employees.


ILG utilizes the best in class technology for case management. We use INSZoom, which provides streamlined management and access to all information during the entire lifecycle of a case. INSZoom also provides companies a central location to access and store all relevant employee immigration data. It also allows employees and HR to get up to the minute case status online.


Our attorneys will meet with you to discuss our services and gain an understanding of your company’s needs. We will research your company and the industry you operate in order to gain perspective on what’s important to you and your valuable employees.


Once a case is filed, our team will keep you and your employee updated on the case status, provide guidance on next steps, and monitor the employee’s work authorization throughout their employment with your company.

Personal Service

Our staff will work directly with the employee to facilitate case preparation, while our attorneys will provide guidance and prepare substantive documentation such as support letters and evidence.

Our guarantee: You will get the highest quality legal services at the most cost efficient approach for your company.

Create a seamless immigration process for you and your employees.

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    Schedule an Introduction

    We work with small startups to large corporations anywhere in the US, and everyone’s needs are different. We want to hear about your immigration challenges so we can share how we can help.

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    Customize Your Strategy

    Based on your consultation, we will create a custom immigration solution for your company based on your current needs. And FYI, we can always make adjustments as your business grows and needs change.

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    Onboard Talent and Grow Your Team

    A high-touch, integrated immigration program is a value to your organization that will help you promote talent development, increase employee retention, and improve job satisfaction.

When you succeed, we celebrate.

Your Corporate Immigration Solution Partner

Immigration Law Group LLP accepts requests for proposals for employment based visa matters and corporate representation as needed. We welcome the opportunity to submit proposals for representation of institutions of higher education, non-profit organizations, businesses, and corporations for visa related legal matters.

If you are in-house counsel, a human resource department, or are responsible for finding an immigration law firm for your company`s visa legal matters, please contact us today!

Immigration is complicated. Get a customized program and the personalized support you need to simplify the process and grow your team.

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Am I able to easily contact a corporate immigration attorney when I have questions and concerns??

Yes, attorneys as well our supporting staff are available over the phone and through email to assist you with any questions and concerns you have. 

Will the corporate immigration attorneys understand and accommodate the immigration needs of my company??

Yes, the attorneys at ILG have expertise working with companies of all sizes with a wide range of visas.

How can I ensure that working with a corporate immigration attorney at ILG can scale with my growing team??

Our corporate immigration attorneys at ILG have years of experience with companies of all sizes. Additionally, our attorneys can tailor immigration solutions to better suit a company that is expanding.