Immigration Law Group, LLP (“ILG”) provides comprehensive, diligent representation for individual and corporate clients across all industries. Our expertise is in employment-based immigration, and we understand the ins and outs of temporary work authorization, as well as the pathways to permanent residency and citizenship. ILG works hard to find client-specific solutions for complex corporate matters.

ILG is headquartered in California’s Silicon Valley, with an office located in the heart of Las Vegas, Nevada, but we represent clients from all over the U.S. and the world.

Contact our office at 408-432-9200 or complete the form below to speak with a team member regarding requests for proposals (RFPs), human resources support, corporate partnerships or individual cases.  We are available to answer questions from in-house counsel, human resources staff, individual professionals, entrepreneurs, and students. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Attention: Immigration Law Group LLP staff will not answer legal questions or provide legal advice via our website. For case specific consultations, please reach out to our office for an appointment or consultation.