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Immigration law is about much more than filing forms and submitting applications. It’s about treating people as individuals with specific needs and helping them achieve their dreams in the United States.

At ILG, we help corporations, their partners, employees, and contractors secure immigration status with our expert knowledge—and our personalized care. 

About ILG

With our immigration law expertise, in the last 18 years, Immigration Law Group LLP has helped thousands of individuals and companies secure Non-Immigrant and Immigrant Visas. We achieve legal status for our clients quickly and efficiently, saving corporations time and money. And we do it with genuine concern for the wellbeing and dignity of all involved.

Others do what we do, but they cannot match our passionate dedication to the people we serve. 




Recent News


Trump's Tweet About Total Immigration Ban Likely Results in Minimal or No Impact

In a late night tweet yesterday, President Trump indicated he will be signing an Executive Order (EO) to “temporarily suspend immigration into the United States.” This tweet has ignited confusion and anxiety, but it will likely have little or no impact.


President Trump’s 60-Day Immigration Ban Has Zero Impact to Almost All Foreign Nationals in the U.S.

The Executive Order (EO) President Trump tweeted about on Monday has been signed.  As ILG predicted, the EO makes no impact to the vast majority of the foreign nationals in the U.S.



Overturned: USCIS Policy for Client Contracts & SOWs Impacting H-1B for Consultants

Companies that provide IT staffing and consulting services will see less denials and longer H-1B approval periods after a lawsuit against USCIS was settled on May 20, 2020.


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