Visa Bulletin Priority Date Continues to Advance in Critical Categories

As reported by ILG in March 2011, progress in priority date cut-off would come for EB-2 India and China born applicants.  Since that report, EB-2 cut-off date for India-born applicants advanced nearly 1 year (from the April Visa Bulletin to the August VB).  During that same period, EB-2 China moved nearly 9 months.


The biggest movement occurred with the July VB when EB-2 India moved nearly 6 months and EB-2 China moved nearly 5 months.


In the just released August VB, EB-2 India and China each advanced 1 month and 1 week.  So, the pace of advancement is slowing.


EB-3 applicants have not enjoyed as much progress.  Over the same 4 month period, EB-3 India moved less than 2 months, while EB-3 China moved a little more than 4 months.


Applicants are reminded that as pending cases return to being "current" each month, USCIS pulls such cases for final approval.  USCIS does not need to be "alerted" and they ask applicants to refrain from contacting USCIS unless an eligible case has not been approved after 2 months of becoming current.