How's Your "VIBE": USCIS Close to Utilizing a New Business Verification System

USCIS has started testing VIBE (Validation Instrument for Business Enterprises), which will be used to verify petitioner/company information such as:

  • Business activities, such as type of business.
  • Financial standing, including sales volume and credit standing.
  • Number of employees, onsite and globally.
  • Relationships with other entities, including foreign affiliates.
  • Company executives.
  • Date of establishment as a business entity.
  • Current physical address.

The data in VIBE will come from commercially available information from an independent information provider (purportedly Dun & Bradstreet).

Initially, the system will not eliminate the need to submit paper support documentation with USCIS petitions. However, USCIS believes VIBE will eventually reduce the need to submit extensive company documentation with each filing.

Petitioners may soon begin seeing VIBE-related Requests for Evidence (RFEs) if the evidence submitted by the petitioner conflicts with VIBE. For example, when adjudicating an L-1 case, USCIS will use VIBE to confirm that the petitioner has a foreign affiliate. In I-140 cases, VIBE will assist in confirming whether the petitioner has the ability to pay.