USCIS Announces Restoration of I-797 Mailing Procedures

USCIS Announces Restoration of I-797 Mailing Procedures
October 20, 2011

This is a follow-up to our 10/06/11 article: I-797 Receipt and Approval Changes


USCIS announced today that I-797 mailing procedures will be restored in approximately six weeks to have original notices going to attorneys, with copies going to applicants/petitioners (clients).


Unbeknown to the public, USCIS initiated an internal system change last year that altered where it sends receipt and approval notices (I-797).  Last month, when the change went into effect without advanced notice, attorneys and petitioners explained to USCIS the numerous unintended negative impact this procedure creates.  As a result, USCIS has decided to return to its previous practice of sending the original notice to the attorney or accredited representative’s address listed on the Form G-28, with a courtesy copy sent to the applicant or petitioner in the applicable form.


This change will take effect in approximately six weeks due to the need to re-program our system.  In the meantime, Immigration Law Group will continue to utilize a “work around” so that approval notices for cases filed over the next six weeks will be sent to ILG.