Success Story: Indian Nationals in EB-2 Get Green Card Through EB-5 Investment

Success Story: Indian Nationals in EB-2 Get Green Card Through EB-5 Investment
November 17, 2016

This article is based on one of several ILG clients who have opted to pursue permanent residency through the EB-5 program, in addition to their employer-sponsored processes.  The client name in this case has been changed for privacy.

Ashish came to the U.S. in 2007 as a student and has been working as Software Engineer in H-1B status for high tech companies in Silicon Valley.  Immigration Law Group assisted Ashish and his employer in securing an approved EB-2 I-140 with a priority date of December 1, 2013.   However, given the lengthy backlog for Indian nationals, it may take at least six more years before he and his wife can apply for adjustment of status (AOS).


Ashish contacted ILG to inquire about obtaining permanent residency (green card) sooner.  Ashish and his wife learned that they may pursue EB-5 without impacting their EB-2 process.  They soon decided to improve their immigration situation and apply through an EB-5 investment.   Ashish used his accumulated income from his H-1B employment to invest through an EB-5 regional center while continuing to work full-time as a software engineer. 


In September 2015, Ashish filed his I-526 petition with USCIS, which was approved in October 2016.  Now, Ashish and his wife are immediately eligible to file their AOS applications and expect to receive their green cards in six months.  Ashish and his wife avoided 6+ years of waiting. 


Clients born in India and China, and stuck in the EB-2 or EB-3 backlog, but have sufficient funds ($500,000), should consider EB-5 to obtain permanent residency status much faster.

You can read our September Newsletter regarding the EB-5 program and investment.  Please contact your ILG attorney to discuss this option further.