Pre-Interview Consultation for L-1 Visa Applicants


L-1 visa applications based on Blanket L-1 approvals are receiving higher levels of scrutiny than years past.  The scrutiny is particularly high for applicants going through the US consulate in Chennai, India (the only US Consulate in India processing L-1 visas based on a Blanket L-1).


In an effort to help clients better prepare for blanket L-1 visa interviews and increase their odds for approval, Immigration Law Group is now offering blanket L-1 visa applicants a thorough phone consultation before they appear for their interview.  This attorney-client discussion will cover what to expect procedurally at the Consulate, the questions that are likely to be asked by consular officers, the key points to convey during the visa interview, and offer suggestions on how to communicate effectively with consular officers.


All blanket L-1 visa applicants will receive an email from ILG to arrange a time to speak to their ILG attorney. This additional service is complimentary for ILG clients.