PERM: Audit Triggers

PERM: Audit Triggers


DOL Atlanta has shared its audit plan, which is used to determine which PERM cases are targeted for audit review and possible supervised recruitment.


Audit Triggers:


  • Education requirement is less than a bachelor’s degree.
  • Position requires degree with no experience (e.g. BS or MS+0).
  • Employer indicated they have had a layoff in the same or similar occupation and in the same area of employment in the 6 months preceding the filing date.
  • Position is for a trade related occupations (unclear what these are).


Audit & Supervised Recruitment Triggers


  • Re-submitted application after denial within the calendar year (ER and EE name listed in denied cases table)
  • Re-submitted application after withdraw of an audited case within a calendar year (ER and EE name listed in withdrawn cases table)
  • Application not filed electronically.