Our Representation

Our Representation


Immigration Law Group provides comprehensive, individualized legal service to the business immigration community. We understand that, with today's fast-paced global economy, our corporate clients can best be served by partnering with competent legal counsel who can provide customized legal services expeditiously, without compromising the need for quality and personal attention. Our approach is to work in partnership with our clients to ensure that both foreign national employees and corporate representatives are kept well informed and expertly counseled throughout the entire immigration process. Our goal is not simply to file documents with the appropriate government agencies, but to ensure that what is done today will continue to have a positive effect on all of the foreign national employees', and their employers' future immigration endeavors. The attorneys at Immigration Law Group utilize creativity, legal training, personal experience, as well as the latest technology, to successfully conclude our clients' immigration matters.

At Immigration Law Group, legal representation is provided by keeping three key elements of effective legal service in mind: Expeditiousness, Effectiveness, and Personalized Service.



Providing effective legal service expeditiously is our top priority, and this goal is achieved through the use of cutting-edge technology, including state-of-the-art automated immigration software, Internet case tracking system, and strong database management tools. This comprehensive technology, when partnered with human dedication, allows both our personnel and clients to quickly access important information such as expiration dates, changes in the law, and shipping, filing and processing times.

Our attorneys and staff members are readily accessible. We are committed to responding to all telephone calls and email messages within 24 hours. Additionally, our clients are automatically notified of each project completion, at each stage of immigration processing, by email in order to minimize anxiety and unnecessary inquiries.

For our mid to high volume clients, particularly those located in the Silicon Valley, we offer an even greater level of expeditious and custom-tailored legal assistance. Please contact us for details on this valuable service.



Our clients agree that just as important as providing service expeditiously is providing it effectively and accurately. Consistent and reliable legal representation is provided by our team of experienced attorneys and staff members who keep abreast of changing laws and recognize the law's implications for our clients. Although we do not require our attorneys or staff members to have engineering or business backgrounds, all of our attorneys and staff members are richly experienced in representing clients in the high technology, manufacturing, and bio technology sectors, and are well versed in technological terminologies. Such background enables us to maximize service effectiveness for both the employer and the foreign national employees.

Another important part of maximizing service effectiveness is personnel consistency. We provide meaningful career paths for our employees to minimize the unfortunate client disruption and myriad problems created by the high employee turnover rate prevalent at larger law firms. We focus on continuing legal education and training so that our personnel will continue to feel fulfilled and challenged at our firm, ensuring, in turn, that our clients will continue to benefit from consistent, qualified legal representation. We also promote both attorneys and staff members who meet our standards of achievement into progressively more challenging positions. In short, our commitment is to attract and retain the best staff for the benefit of our clients.

Finally, to sustain service effectiveness, Immigration Law Group is dedicated and committed to the clients who have chosen our firm. We avoid over-extending our resources to ensure that if we commit ourselves to a client, we will use all our effort, contacts and legal judgment to achieve their goals and objectives.


Personalized Service

Our personalized style of representation begins with an evaluation of each client's particular background, long and short-term goals, and expectations, enabling us to propose an appropriate level and style of service. We then engineer and recommend tailor-made guidelines before implementing the necessary procedures with our clients' full understanding and approval. Our attorneys regularly visit our clients, and nurture these relationships personally, by engaging in meetings with company representatives, hiring managers and foreign national employees. We take the time to discuss legal issues, reassess client goals and objectives, conduct educational presentations on topics of current significance, discuss the progress of individual employees' cases, as well as to evaluate the progress of the overall program and partnership, to make sure that our relationships are kept on track.

We represent clients who recognize that our relationship, based on the actual quality of our service, is of more value than any self-serving claims to prominence. We believe that total investment in client relations, and commitment to client responsiveness, will always provide satisfaction to both client and firm alike. For this reason, we make sure that our employees remain well informed about who our clients are, what they do, and what corporate challenges and initiatives currently concern them. Our familiarity with our clients and the close working relationships that we foster with them enables and motivates us to make continual innovations so that we may grow and achieve along with our clients. We like being enthusiastic about what our clients are striving to do, enjoy understanding how our services contribute to our clients' bottom lines, and want to participate in helping our clients achieve their overall goals, by continuing to provide superior immigration services that are commensurate with their ever-evolving needs.

We know that our clients rely on Immigration Law Group to provide expeditious service, to be effective in our legal counsel, and to provide personalized and customized service so that they can freely focus on other business and personal objectives, confident and secure in the consistent quality of service that Immigration Law Group will provide.