Our Process

A multifaceted approach to immigration support.


At ILG, we focus on tailoring our services to meet your specific needs. We begin by getting to know your business and internal processes before we prepare visa applications. This strengthens our working relationship with our clients and makes us more effective and efficient in serving your needs.

When it comes to preparing visa applications, we inform you and your employee of the timeline and goals of the process from start to finish. Our service does not end after a case is filed. Utilizing INSZoom, our cloud-based case management system, we continue to monitor case status and expiration dates ensuring that you never miss a deadline.

The ILG Process


Our attorneys can recommend additional supporting services for your business, such as immigration policy development, on-site support, and compliance auditing based on your specific needs.


We have a streamlined file transfer process that makes transitioning from your current immigration provider seamless and stress free for you, and most importantly for your employees as well.


Using best-in-class case management software, we provide you with the comprehensive information you need to manage your immigration program. ILG updates and maintains your database with all employee immigration data, allowing you to generate reports, find case details, and plan for staffing requirements.  You and your employees will have access to up to the minute case status, as well as a complete view of the lifecycle of a case.

Personal Service

Employee experience is always a top priority, whether onboarding new hires or retaining existing talent. We work with your employees on a personal level, making sure they understand the process and always have their questions answered.  Fast response times and direct communication ensure ILG’s expert guidance is at your fingertips.


Once a case is filed, our team keeps you and your employee updated on the case status, provides guidance on next steps, and monitors the employee’s work authorization throughout their employment with your company.


We work meticulously to understand your company’s needs and build an efficient immigration program for you. Greater insight allows us to grow with your business and adapt to changing requirements as needed.

In working with ILG, you will find that we take an innovative approach to employment-based immigration, particularly via our responsiveness, expert guidance, and technical capabilities which provides transparency and efficiency during the entire process. Contact Us today to discuss your immigration needs.