Onsite Services

Immigration Law Group's outsourcing service enables your company to focus on its core competencies and drastically reduce the time and effort associated with administering a corporate immigration program. With our outstanding legal team, we have the expertise and bandwidth necessary to deliver reliable and expeditious outsourcing service.

Our outsourcing model entails designating an account manager to serve your company and the foreign national workforce. The account manager would spend a predetermined number of hours on-site each week and be responsible for your company's immigration administrative needs, which typically include administering the LCA and I-9 files, tracking employees' employment authorization expiration dates, providing case-status updates, and holding meetings and seminars with the foreign national employees and other company representatives. The size of the team and the number of hours spent on-site will be commensurate with your company's foreign national population and the extent you wish to outsource the various immigration-related functions.

Immigration Law Group’s objective in providing the outsourcing service is to help your company's bottom-line and at the same time, improve the quality of service received by the foreign national employees. You will find that our capabilities in outsourcing are built on the trust and relationships we build with our clients, and that our level of service exemplifies our commitment to pursuing strategic partnerships that work together towards a common goal.


If your company might benefit from our unique outsourcing services and you would like to know more about what these services entail, call ILG at (408) 432-9200 for further information.