Non-Immigrant Visas

Non-Immigrant visas are for those who plan to have a temporary stay in the United States.  This can be due to a variety of reasons, including, but not limited to, tourism, business, temporary work or research, and medical treatment.  With a nonimmigrant visa, you will be permitted to travel to a U.S. point-of-entry, where you will request admittance from a Department of Homeland Security official. There are more than 20 types of nonimmigrant visas for which you can apply.


Immigration Law Group has over 20 years of combined experience assisting individuals and companies in securing various types of Non-Immigrant Visas. Specifically, we specialize in H-1B, L-1A/L-1B, F-1, O-1, TN, J-1, and E-3 employment based work visas.


Non-Immigrant – refers to an individual who has been granted temporary authorization to stay in the U.S. and who may require legal assistance with:

·         Assessment of Proper Work Visa Type / Qualifications

·         Employment–Based Immigration

·         Extension of Stay


For a complete list of the different types of Non-Immigrant visas please visit:



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