Implementing the New Form I-9

Implementing the New Form I-9
May 2, 2013

[Part 2 of 3 in ILG’s weekly I-9 and E-Verify series]


USCIS has issued a new version of Form I-9 in an attempt to make the form easier to complete and to minimize errors. All employers are required to use the new form starting May 7, 2013. Changes to Form I-9 include additional guidance, clarification, and more spacing. For example, the form itself is now two pages, one for the Employee to fill out and the other for the Employer.


Additionally, USCIS has changed terminology in the “Employee Name” section to make it more user-friendly, to be gender-neutral, and to reflect a better understanding of different cultural practices. “Last Name” is followed by the parenthetical “(Family Name)” and “First Name” by “(Given Name).” In place of “Maiden Name,” the form provides for “Other Names Used (if any).”


An example of a clarification now stated in the Employer’s Section is that the Employer representative must “physically” examine the Employee’s employment eligibility documents. Physical examination has always been mandatory, but this requirement was previously not stated on the form itself.


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Please stay tuned for next week’s edition: ARE YOU PREPARED FOR AN I-9 AUDIT?