H-1B Cap Update, November 22, 2011

H-1B Cap Update, November 22, 2011
November 22, 2011

USCIS announced today that as of November 18th, USCIS received the following number of H-1Bs that count against the annual H-1B cap (the "regular" H-1B cap is limited to 65,000 per year):

  • Regular H-1B: 61,800.  Up 5,500  from November 14th (4 business days).
  • Advanced US degree: 20,000.  The 20,000 H-1Bs reserved for candidates with a US graduate degree have been exhausted so beneficiaries with an advanced US degree are now also filing against the regular cap


Clearly, the pace of filing has quickened dramatically in recent weeks.  We anticipate the cap being reached either November 23rd or the next business day after Thanksgiving, November 28th.


As a reminder, the H-1B cap does not apply to those already in H-1B status (i.e., H-1B transfers, extensions or amendments).