H-1B Cap Reached

H-1B Cap Reached
June 12, 2012

USCIS just announced that on June 11, 2012, it received a sufficient number of petitions to reach the statutory cap for FY 2013.  USCIS will reject H-1B petitions subject to the cap that are received after June 11, 2012.


ILG has been advising clients since April 20th that the cap may be reached in early June.  Since May 24th, ILG has been advising clients that the cap is likely to be reached on June 8th or 11th.


Last year, the H-1B cap took more than 7 months to be reached, on 11/22/11. In the year before that, the cap was reached after more than 9 months, on 1/26/11.


Please note that the H-1B cap is normally irrelevant for H-1B extensions, transfers and amendments.  Generally, only H-1Bs for beneficiaries who have not received an H-1B approval previously are subject to the cap.