H-1B Cap May Last Until the End of January

H-1B Cap May Last Until the End of January
January 7, 2011

USCIS has advised that 6,350 of the 6,800 H-1Bs set aside last year per US-Chile and US-Singapore free trade agreements were unused and are being added to this year's H-1B availability.

Accordingly, after setting aside 6,800 H-1Bs again this year, the total number of H-1B visas available in the general H-1B pool for FY2011 will be 64,550 (65,000 + 6,350 - 6,800).


Based on recent rate of filing, we predict this year's H-1B cap to be reached close to the end of January.

In related news, the "advanced US degree" cap of 20,000 per year was reached over the holidays. Beneficiaries with US advanced degrees may still apply against the regular cap until that is also exhausted.