Elimination of Form I-94

Elimination of Form I-94
August 14, 2012

US Customs and Border Protection (CBP), the federal agency which admits foreign nationals who apply for admission into the US at airports, seaports, etc., has plans for an imminent and system-wide elimination of form I-94.


CBP’s plans call for issuing an admission stamp in the passports of nonimmigrant aliens.  The stamp will include a handwritten notation indicating the alien’s status and authorized period of stay.   CBP will create an electronic record for arriving aliens, but CBP does not anticipate creating a receipt or other documentation for the alien to keep (other than the stamp in the passport).


CBP has verbally agreed to consider creating a web portal to allow nonimmigrant aliens to verify their status is accurately recorded by CBP in electronic format.  The web portal would allow nonimmigrant aliens the option to print an admission record receipt.


It has not been determined whether CBP will initially phase in this procedure by issuing a paper form I-94 that has no legal significance (i.e., the control number on the form would not be a valid number and it would not be connected to any record relating to the alien).


Nonimmigrant aliens arriving at a land border, unless otherwise exempted, will continue to receive a valid paper Form I-94.  In addition, certain classes of arriving aliens, such as refugees, will continue to be issued a valid Form I-94.