EB-5 Option for Employment-based Indian Citizens

12. Feb. 2018

This is an update on our Previous Article regarding EB-5 program as a fast alternative for U.S. permanent residency for Indian citizens, especially in light of the Immigration Outlook for 2018and beyond under the current administration (i.e., more scrutiny, restrictions and longer wait to obtain green card through the traditional  employment-based or family-based options).

Compared to decade long queue faced by many Indian citizens waiting for their EB-2 or EB-3 priority dates to become current, there’s no EB-5 quota for India, and EB-5 investors can obtain their green cards much faster (approximately 2 years) and enjoy benefit, including:

  1. Reduced in-state tuition for college-bound children;
  2. Permanent residency for children before they age-out (at 21); 
  3. Control over the green card process and eliminate dependency on H-1B or L-1 employers;
  4. No longer needing visa stamping and dealing with 221(g) visa delays or denials;
  5. No impact from rescission of H-4 work authorization; and
  6. Freedom of career movement, etc.

Many of our existing employment-based clients, who are subject to the decade long backlog, have pursued EB-5 and obtained their green cards.  You can read our Success Story regarding employees in EB-2 who successfully obtained their green card through EB-5 Investment in less than 2 years.

If you are interested in EB-5 or have any questions, please contact your ILG attorney or .