· If I choose to invest with a regional center project, how long do I have to wait before I get my $500,000 back?

- It depends on the regional center and project, but usually between 5-7 years, with 1-3% return each year.

· Can you guarantee that I can get $500K back?

- USCIS requires EB-5 investment to be “at-risk” just like any other types of investment and a guarantee is prohibited.  Therefore, a regional center that guarantees the return of the investment capital risks disqualification by USCIS, and must be avoided.  Although EB-5 investments must be at-risk, it does not have to be risky.  Our EB-5 team will show you how risks can be mitigated.

·What are the remedies/options if my green card is denied?

- While very unlikely, in the event your I-526 petition is denied, we will refund our attorney fees and explore all avenues for an appeal of the decision.  If an appeal is unsuccessful, we will request the regional center to refund your investment capital.

·How many EB-5 cases have you filed?

-ILG has successfully represented many EB-5 clients in obtaining U.S. permanent residency, both direct EB-5 investors and regional center investors, and has maintained 100% success rate to date.  While the average of I-526 adjudication time is 14 months, ILG has received I-526 approvals in less than 2 months.

·Once I become a U.S. permanent resident (green card holder), do I have to start paying tax on my global income?

-Yes.  However, we can recommend other options and refer you to international tax experts who can provide global assets management and tax advice.

·How long do I have to stay in the U.S to ensure that my permanent resident status (green card) will remain valid?

-We advise you to enter the U.S. with your green card for at least once a year, and stay at least 1-2 weeks each time.

·Can my kids go to public school when they are in conditional LPR status?

-Yes, investor and the family enjoy the benefits public schools and resident tuition at State universities once the conditional green card is issued.