FAQ » Consular Processing (3rd Step alternative)

What happens at the interview?



A: You will be asked questions to determine your eligibility to become a permanent resident. The State Department will generally review your application and all supporting documentation to ensure all is in order and that the information provided on the application is accurate and correct. You should bring all original documentation to support your application.

What questions will be asked?



A: This is at the discretion of the consular officer but generally the questions seek to confirm that the information and documentation you provided are accurate.

Is an interview necessary?



A: Yes. Consular processing always requires interviews for the principal applicant and accompanying family members.

Can I have an attorney present?



A: This depends on the particular consulate. Please see the consulate's website for specifics.

What happens if there are problems?



A: Ask the consular officer for a continuance and contact your employer and attorney as soon as possible for assistance.

Does my family also need to fly overseas for an interview?



A: Yes. Bring documentation of the familial relationship (e.g. birth and marriage certificates, and other evidence of valid marriage such as photos, letters, and etc.). Also bring evidence to prove your child is not married in order to benefit.

When do I need a police certificate?



A: You are required to obtain police certificates from all countries you have resided in since the age of 16 unless such certificate is not available in that country. You may check the State Department Reciprocity schedule to determine whether or not police certificates are available in the country you previously resided at. See https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/visa-information-resources/lost-stolen-visas.html