Fiscal Year 2012 H-1B Cap Count as of August 12, 2011

As of August 12, 2011, USCIS has received the following number of H-1Bs that count against the annual H-1B cap:


·       Regular: 25,300. Up 2,600 from July 29, 2011.

·       Advanced US degree: 14,700. Up 900 from July 29, 2011.


Four full months into the filing season, the rate of filing is slightly behind the rate of filing last year when the cap wasn't reached until late-January. At this time last year, USCIS received approximately 4,600 more regular cap cases but 2,200 less advanced US degree cases.


The "regular" H-1B cap is limited to 65,000 per year and the "advanced US degree" cap is limited to 20,000 per year. Once the advanced US degree cap is reached, beneficiaries with US advanced degrees may still apply against the regular cap until that is also exhausted.