Big Moves in the November Visa Bulletin


As predicted, increased demand in the EB-2 India category has resulted in the retrogression of this cut-off date to hold usage within the fiscal year 2015 annual limit. Specifically, the cutoff date for November 2014 is moving to 2/15/05 (from 5/01/09 in the October 2014 Visa Bulletin).


The cutoff date for EB-3 Worldwide advanced 8 months (to 06/01/12) and this category is expected to continue advancing rapidly in the coming months.  Once demand for this category materializes, the cutoff date will be adjusted accordingly (stop advancing or retrogress).


The cutoff date for EB-3 China advanced 10 months (to 01/01/10) and it is also expected to continue advancing in the coming months, followed by corrective action once demand materializes.

For India EB-2 andEB-3, little or no forward movement is expected in the coming months.